welicreative Magical Lantern Festival Exhibition London


Year of the Roster (Chinese New Year 2017)



My family and I  visit the exhibition tonight of “the magical Chinese lantern festival.” , at the Gardens of Chiswick House, which ran for January 19 to 26 February 2017.

London had hosted the second year of the culture, heritage and art, of the installations which had illuminating the outdoor, of beautiful lanterns, by Weli Creative.

This event was for the celebrating the Chinese New Year in London of the rooster, 2017! Their theme were ‘explore the silk road.’ Each groups told a tale each, as we walked along the silk pathway. It had spread Over 65 acres of Chiswick House. The exhibit was so spectacular and popular that they lasted a mouth more. There were ice rink, ice bar, music, theatres, and even the fair grounds. For the hot food were hot dogs, burgers, steak, Japanese street food and even marshmallow burnt on a stick. They even had toys that lights up and glow stick. What a fantastic night to either start entertainment area, before seeing the lights, or to end a special magical night. During in the maze it had different colours, themes and sizes of life-size, small and oversize. There were mostly animals: lots of camels, fish, swan, panda, flowers etc. Fashion and iconic from around the wold: Paris, London, Chinese, India, Asia, and the Middle East. There were also Clothes, shoes, the parliament, big ben and the Forbidden City. And even the fairy tale; ‘Aladdin’. There were ships and crews and even the empires history of the dynasty. The one of the amazing ship that sits well on the rivers reflects to the ships affects so simple and elegant. The ship was the most magnificent scene I ever did saw.

From the outside of the entrance, we thought it was odd that the writing ‘lantern lights’ was on the wrong side to us. We wasn’t so sure that if this was the right door to the entrances, It was not that obvious at the time that it was the back entrances, after we found out when we took that door and find the ticket checker. After all going through the maze we were on our way out after looking around the entertainment area. Only that it had lead us out the gate in to the small car park, than it lead us back in side at the actual big lantern arches of flowers! Which it showed us obviously shouted; ‘the entrances!’ through the Dukes Avenue gate. We had seen more of the lantern lights, which it was the lights of 12 images of animals of the 12 Chinese New Year’s. There should have been a signs but I do appreciate that both ends, lead to the tickets checker. Where the other big arches were. In overall I did find an enjoyment evening with my family. It was like a magical ore pathway that lead us to our adventure.


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