Rauschenberg Exhibition. @ Tate Modern

Robert Rauschenberg was born on October 22, 1925 in Port Arthur, Texas. Died on May 12, 2008. At Captiva Island, Florida (Aged 82). He was an artist of American Collagist, Painter, and Graphic Artist. Of his works he created the combining of sculpture and paintings and had also worked assemblage of objects, in to experiment of mixed materials and collages. His works was exhibition took place at Tate modern; 1st Dec 2016 – 2nd Apr 2017. My visit with my partner on 9th of March 2017. The works that I’d never had thought I’ll see in real life other than pictures in books. There were few that express subject emotions or that symbolise or represent.  And some that were things like rubbish and reuse things in to something else into art.

For this piece, Rauschenberg at the time; collaborated with the engineer Billy Klüver. “Oracle, 1962-1965” Five- scrape parts of metals assemblage in circular with five concealed radios automobile door on typewriter table, with crushed metal; two parts of ventilation duct in Barth tube and window frame and also a constructed staircase.

Image from http://www.rauschenbergfoundation.org/art/artwork/oracle

Monogram 1955–59. It was Combine with oil, paper, fabric, printed paper, and printed on to the metal, wood, rubber shoe heel, and even tennis ball on to the canvas. On top of mixed media collage of rubber tire on Angora goat on wood platform mounted on four casters

image from http://www.rauschenbergfoundation.org/art/art-in-context/monogram

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