Review of Art the Brick Lego sculptures of DC comic: Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya is an artist , who create Sculptors made out of Lego, the second year of Art of the brick he made   DC Comics Hero and Villains .

I had visit today  with my Partner , it was easy to get there by tube, however we thought we was not goanna make it as it was hard to find at first, till we asked the shop owner at Ganesha on the Southbank  . She told us the directors then she said it in a big tent  you cant  miss it , when we took that advice  she was right we couldn’t   have miss it!.

The building was covered in scenes of DC Comics images which  looks  amazing.

We had no problem getting in with our tickets ,once we was  inside we’ve seen each rooms of   atmospheric themes and colours   of heroes, villains.

The Legos had more than five millions bricks which he had time consuming and patience to make almost everyday ,some where big and some small.

At the admission area their was the Joker (batman Villain) with 3D Glasses   where we could sit next to the joker with his  cigar, and than had a  film of a scene from the Batman Lego Movie Legos .

I liked all of them however the one sculpture I liked the most  was the hands and beams  of Green Lantern , I can’t believe that it must have room a year from his last exhibition.

In the Gift Shop there was  interact activity  by building your  own sculpture out of Lego. their was also  videos games demos  and drawings,. it took  place after the exhibition.

The artist wanted to encourage the imagination into creating  their own sculptors out of Lego.

“My goal as an artist is to captivate you for as long as I can hold you attention and to inspire creativity within all of us”   We seen other Legos which were built up before by other visitors , which had showed inspiration and also may have increased the into buying Legos from  other retailers.

I’d try to build one  myself while I was there in the gift shop,  but failed  as I’ve not got the patience.

It’s amazing of what imagination and finding the time to develop form in any size and shapes  as much as you can.



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