Exhibition visit review: John Wallbank 29/09/17

The first thing my partner and I notices were at the entrance door, were the biggest door knob I ever seen. (not that it has nothing to do with this artist’s work.)
















When I first walked in the building. I thought I saw an elephant in deform or abstract. one of the staff 
replied that a lot of viewers who visited there said the same description.  See that the long piece that may look like a long trunk nose. (you may view it differently) And the ball at the floor I thought it look like the shape of the elephant feet. 











At the look at the sculptors there were loads of paper machachs mush together with PVA and other stuff. it had a lot of interesting texture.

Enter a I’ve noted that he used the wood thing as a amirture joints that holds the basic papper musher balls.  aption
as i was looking at this piece I got little bored after-wards. in my opinion  this doesn’t mean anything because there was no meaning behind it, just to show what willbank want everyone to see. I think that maybe it should have something meaning, feelings, related, connected. of course it everyone to their own about how we all want to feel. how we want to interpreted.

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