My name is Emily  Entwistle-Oakley. I am currently a mixed media artist. My interests are the experiences with materials such as recycling things: paper, cardboard, glass jars etc. I also make combinations of things with plaster, ceramic, sounds, objects, and  furniture while working with paintings, or building sculptures, and installations. I am a type of artist who would try anything new and see what goes with, and what happens if I do this and so on. I have been influenced by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Salvador Dali, Tracey Emin,  Tim Noble, and Sue Webster. These are my main interests.

My project will be about turning rubbish things into actual art.  For my dissertation, it will be the perspective of whether or not we viewers would see art as rubbish or rubbish as art. There may be a difference between hoarders and artists but they have in common collecting rubbish  to re-purpose the materials through different ways of thinking. Hoarders keep hold of their rubbish as treasures and artists collect rubbish to make something meaningful; a sublime metaphor or just interaction from the audiences. I’ll be progressing with my stuff that has been in my loft for years and now I’m re-purposing them before they get thrown away.

I am currently  a student studying BA (hons) fine art at Middlesex University. I’ll be posting on this site at least once every 2 weeks to show the development in my practice during my time at university. This will show the process of my projects (photos, documents) which leads to the final work. It will include practical works that  relate to my dissertation for certain subjects. (I will explain this further posting future blogs.) I’ll also post certain interests for module: FNA3030(Professorial  Awareness Peer Critics and Curatorial Practice) when discussing my class or seminar. Also, I will write about my interests in  my other chosen Module: FNA3060 (specialist Development Practice and Exhibition). I will also blog my visits and review exhibitions in London including the trip from Middlesex to Folkstone and also the talks/presentations from visiting artists.

Thank you for your time reading this article.




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