First talk event: Anthony Luvera 

Anthony Luvera is a Contemporary Artist, a writer, Educator and Engagement photographer who engages  with other artists.

He talks about engaging socially with different people for example; he showed us the older generation community.

His main theme was about the homeless and based the exhibition in Britain. He presents his photos of people who are homeless with an audio about being homeless. He asks questions that the homeless ask; Where can I go to the toilet at morning or night and where can I get a shower etc?

Then he moved on to talk about his other work called “not going shopping and Queer  in Brighton”. He showed us a collection of photos documents of this title, and then he took it to his chosen gallery to have finished prints as part of the final exhibition.

He then talks about his next and final works of this title:   “let us eat cake” a collaboration in Belfast  which was about gays’ right to gay marriage in Northern Ireland. His practice seems to revolve around whatever is happening with the politics at the time.

In conclusion, I find Luvera inspiring as he uses photographs to engage with the public and conveys a social politics message.


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