Can recused objects perform as a memory?

The only way rubbish exist, is by a product that were consume by ordinary person objects becomes the part of everyday lives; such as; catteries tools for eating, hair brush or comb, to make hair very nice, and toys for kids.

However they do make eventually go to the bin when gets replace by now product from shops.  Brought from shops, and then throws away into the bin to transfer to the landfill. Although once rescued an interesting objects collected by either collection from the museum person or majority artists’ interests.

We often identify objects as our attachment by personal emotionally that such things could have taking further down the line of family tradition that’s gets passed down by generation  for decades, until no one left could no longer hold an item. As old item are often taking to a museum to study the old things us as sociability 100 years ago, how they used such a tool in those days. Although through artists, they collect things to maybe to make a display item show assemblage art. To show the item as a story telling of a memory what used to belonging to somebody.  To transform a memory Find assemblage artists. Whose work is an example to person the artwork to understand the past experiences?

Since the 1950s assemblage had been arise widely by other artist including Jasper johns and Robert Rauschenberg who had changes ordinary item towards into art, the three-dimensional collages in which can be custom to see fit in the box.

Can recused objects perform as a memory

‘facilitator: Pablo von Lichtenberg’—assemblage-art


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