What Trash is no longer belonging to owner’s provaty.

Photos of my primaries, where i was traveling to my class at university, travel to visit  exhibition in London and even just go to the shops and come home. Ive taking pictures of anything that’s been left abandon as rubbish on the street, overfill bin, cans, crisp Packard, snacks bar that were left in among the pavement and grass. there were so many things that they were left for someone like me when to make art or however we like it  because the rubbish that were left abandon  are no longer belonging to the owner that had thrown away in the first place. The things that had become the public belonging by ordinary people who liked to collect things, the dustman/woman collector, that brings to the land fill. Even when the owners put and empty pack of plastic pot put into the recycling bin it is no longer their because they discarded. here are the fig photos from below. There are my primaries resources which i may be paintings from them, in a sketch book or just the collection of photos to print on the wall. I may still use them for in the future to play with them for like collage works and other mixed materials .

When I took my things to uni, it no longer belongs in my home. they still belong to me as long, I never left  anything   into the bin because that’s when its permitted rubbish you cant go back to it once it left outside for the rubbish truck to collect the rubbish.

I am still planning to throw it out once Ive done making it. it is not my attention to take it home unless its small things as We  don’t have the storage in our flat.


throw Away
My Rubbish from Home


A selection of Items from our flat in my Studio space



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