Planning out space & My Mini Exhibition

Now that I brought my Items   and objects from home that I  delivered to Middlesex University with help from a man with a van ,  I booked a hired space room for me to experiment my belongings  by placing them   in different angles  to get the  use of the  space ,


Testing the Space

Once  I thought   I’ve done enough experiment I was ready  to   set up an  mini exhibition  for my dissertation for MDX staff and Students viewing only which took place 3rd till the 8th of November 2017    where they were allowed to write  feedback comments in a note book  giving their views on if its just looks rubbish.  but sadly it was only a few of them who comments about how they mostly like the fabric hanging down the pieces from ceiling and some liked the CDs  . I’ve know some of the students at the university that  had visited the exhibition  but  then  I’ve noticed there was not many comments about the project room , so I’ve come to the  conclusion that because I didn’t put too much information about the project only the title  which I titled it untitled on  purpose.

Event Poster

I gave them the change  to see if the materials spoke for themselves  , they just didn’t know what to say. or what they could  have make of it other than just suggestive or something really interesting they find. I probably make   use of materiel in the project space a bit too tidy and more arty , however I have taking more photographs of the objects in the space. however when I’ve done with the  objects in  the projects space I’ve taking back to the action space and did more experiment  and taking photographs  of many different things as I could.

feedback book  with comments


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