Currently Reading: All this stuff: Archiving the Artist (for my Studio Practice research)

Authors: Judy Vaknin, Karyn Stuckey, Victoria Lane, Clive Phillpot

Published by: Libri Publishing,


Surprisingly I came across this book especially in the interesting found this artists called Gustav Metzger, who also had collect the things he had holds in his cousin attic before he moved his things away where he had his permission holds in North, London ,He was born and raised  in Nuremberg in 1926 and came to England as a refuges with his brother in 1939.

After his family were killed. An interview took place in London on 25th October, 2011 about the Archiving processes by Metzger by Archiving (documents photos) for the library, museum for researches.

A lot of the things and paintings he left behind where ever he moved his things his collection he continued to process by documents as many things as he like in a sense transcending movement of sort of using the objects to tell a story with what’s left using item in the photographs.

“Abandoning paintings was tremendous risk…I was impelled to move along this historical track. Having studied art and art history I had a pretty good idea of what was needed, so I abandoned paintings-it like exposing yourself the elements anything can happen? I could have been completely outcast form the art world….’

What I get in a sense that the more you documents with the right improvisator quality of the clear image the more that if tell the story right the more it is more remembrances through the photos rather the real thing. As I had been leaning in my 3 year course since doing this degree the more I was told to take documents each time you make something just like how I documents about my stuff from my home to university this year have shown the same way about transfer of my memories stuff.

Like how we all artists explores ways for different point of view how we documents of our artworks or just things as art for photographs for the sake of Arches.  Weather is for i.e. Histories for museum, galleries books collection, journalism and books research. Of course not only just to sail arches for research about the artists and research it is a about the express of ways we documents our artworks in different places or change or develop how.

All this Stuff


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