Rubbish combine with accessory of light and shadow

(Artists Sue Webster and Tim Noble

Comedy of waste:

For century’s in art industry artists had used and even nowadays use comedy joke as tool for political for towards the practices of Dada photomontage and cabaret. Usually jokes is made from within the person, although when comes to form of rubbish it is extension by in objects.

Irony and slapstick and other different form of humour, artists encourage the laughter in the museum by making the materials as funny, shocking and interesting as possible. It’s also have the viewers amuse the way materials were form in the galleries and public galleries. Or even the person wearing the rubbish and performing in the collective materials.

Time noble and sue Webster had created the body of work since in mid-year in 1990s, that involves the ‘visual and emotional impact’ of the installation of light and showdown against the objective things to visualize the manner of tragedy, society and romantic of the two lovers of the collaborating artists of themselves. To become the ‘society of post-modern consumption.’

The amount of waste that had been recycling were made molded which may appears nothing but a lump of rubbish piles up, stands along without the dark shadow. However when in darkness and the spot-light on the rubbish as like they were stars , furthermore the shadow shows completely different perspective of the actual visual shadowing from the trash becomes clearer and more interesting.

sue webster

In this examples the mound of trash; there were the two young figures sitting away from each other by recline the back to back. In a relaxed persisting chilling out. And they are the young couple of Webster and Noble artists themselves, one enjoys of having a Cigarettes  while the other is enjoying wine.

The shadows seem to be enjoying each other company, as instead of facing each other, they face the world of rubbish literally according the shadows vision ‘the litter of children.’ In according to this book they said that maybe they are a couple on a picnic for the moment of ‘tranquillity.’  As the artists looked so peaceful.

Through out of their artwork; Noble and Webster had made a range of media across constancy of vision to unify the both thesis and visual language of their art in to an amazing social, cultural and emotional with an  discard,  martially and love.

In this book, Tim noble and sue Webster show us work across a range of media, but with a constancy of vision that seems to unify both the thesis and the visual language of their art into a single, epic excursion into the social , cultural and emotional terrain of discard and divine, martially and love. “The shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego, personality, for no one can become conscious of the shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it. Involves recognizes the dark aspects of the personality as present and real……” CG Jun G. with the artists the makes form noting from trash mistaking something out of nothings with a light projected in to why may be comedy.

Without the light to create a shadows against the objectively abstract sculpture. The imagery on the wall of the two artists would not have make it cut as it would just rubbish as exhibition if were chosen on its own. So with the theatrically shadows this I find this a wonderful genius that it makes since when it comes to the socialite throughways from the city claiming into mounded up and see how origin as seen as limit rubbish as soon with the projected light becomes a different viewing.






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