Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future

At this exhibition of Llya and Emilia kabakov: not everyone will be taken into the future’ at Tate modern.

There were 12 rooms of different works of exhibition, each room defies the paintings, objects stuck on paintings, and installation which I’ve chosen the example how they made the room the fall apart which would have looked bit of waste until the waste combine by installation media Such as one of the earliest works installation from exhibition in new you’re in 1990s, which nowadays exhibition brought in to London at Tate modern “Labyrinth (my Mother’s Album). This works reflective of his mother after passing away a year later.

This represent the memories lanes amongst the photos and other relatives he encounter with his mother for years.

This was some sort of a monument in atmospheric of grief contradicted with a chirpy songs that was played when his mother Bertha Solodukhina used to listen to them.


Ilya and Emilia Kabakov -Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future part 1
Ilya Kabakov The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment 1985 Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. Musée national d’art moderne/Centre de Création industrielle. Purchase, 1990 © Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Labyrinth (my mother’s Album) Fine Art New York 1990

This installation labyrinth, is like being in theatre for dramatic effect except there are no actors to perform but to perform our self as a viewing the photos graphs of collage papers (put in description) hang in the frame on the wall, while interact by walking along the corridor listing to the songs and music singing as it gets louder the closer you walk into maze like as the walls ceiling and floor were echoing makes me feel awkward and creep out as the music get louder and as close as I go. Along the way there were installation door balancing onto the wall, this I thought this was a memory lane as there were in places on 76 frame collage photograph, and the door may symbolism the memory door like you see cartoons get into your dreams.  In mid-way the music end up in mixed of ‘waste’ the ceiling was falling there was a door glass broke and lots of dust all over the place.  All in place like this was a theatre scene.  The source of the music was there too, playing on the recording records.

Labyrinth (my mother’s Album) Fine Art New York 1990

This work in room 8: is called labyrinth because it what Ilya had described the installation of the hunted theme reminded of his mother passing that took place in that same decorative memories but extended the long corridor.


“When I think about the world in which my mother’s life passed about the condensed image of it what arises in my imagination tin is a long and semi dark corridor which is twisted like a labyrinth, where being each new turn behind each bend there is not a bright exit glimmering into the distance but just the same grubby for the same grey dusty poorly painted walk illuminated by walk 40 waltz light bulbs.  The ceiling is cradled in many places and is supported by wooded boards the floor has not been swept for a one time, soot-covered light bulbs that barely emit any light hang from the ceiling and as in my communal apartment, there are many doors a new door is revealed  being every turn of the corridor some of them are tightly shut, others are slightly open so that you could go through them with some difficulty that upper part of the corridor and ceiling are painted grey, the lower parties in ordinary communal places is covered within unpleasant red-brown paint photographs, text and cut out from postcards and hanging in frames and pasted on wallpaper along one side of the entire length of this corridor approx. 50m.

50 M
Sketch of  the Exhibition by curators   of the Exhibition

With his description that becomes the gloomy theatre like atmospheric stage show.

This outcome of this installation were the elements of ‘monotones’ combine the walk through long dingy corridor creates the environment conveys the artists grief of his passing mother as well as being in claustrophobia’ theme as surrealism theatrics.  Seem like a long winded travel to get to the point such as where the music destination with the crippling room and dust etc. Personally its great effect when comes to the point seeing destruction and music together, made me hesitating to look and felt uncomfortable in there, than I carry on to the corridor till the end when start another room full of works.  That’s what I would prefer to see than again maybe it would have just been enough to have waste fill in huge space and hanging collecting ceiling and be part of it inside of the space with music rather than looking into the room after walking the long corridor. But the effect of hunted feeling did work as he described it.

Ref Tate Modern (2017) Ilya and Emilia Kabakov-
 Tate Modern (2017) Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Not everyone will be taken into the future. . London: Tate Modern.


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