Commission project: Rose design for Tattoo.

 I not long have I finished a designs a rose (through invoice) of a tattoo for my client via commission.  I leant how to draw and paint by practice in my sketch book of roses, by looked into deep research such as primary images (for references) from the internet, some images of tattoos roses to look the sort of styles tattoo artists makes and finally I looked into youtube for toturoals how to do simple techniques with use of media. as a finished project I used the acrylic paints and finished details of by using photoshop.  


click here to see where I source this image from 

Some of the details I have changed for towards my sketch especially at the top corner of the rose pellet was already started to wilted.  however because of all the rose image i’ve chosen was because it seem the simple and it was the more practice i’v used in my sketch book. as well a leaning as I draw. 

Tattoos photos on slide show.

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I Source the images on the slide show from the following sites (click each name below to be taken to the sites ) 

Black and white Rose,  Traditional Rose ,Realism  Rose  & Abstract Rose 

I relise there are loads of styles of tattoo for a roses. although I find that the simple red rose that was the instruction i was giving. So I’ve gone to simple tradable styler.  but I still had a lot to learn technique and many sketch of how to approach appreciate for the final design. 

Youtubers artists 

click here to view video of my source

The Images above is one of the example that I learnt this one of techno, from youtube (in which i find easier to follow by videos.) of one brush stroke. . here are one of my sketch below it took me a lot of practice (top) but I eventually did it almost as perfect of one of the 3 finale (bottom) .





Theses are  few of the youtube’s artist inspiration. 

Marvy Uchida,                 Art of John Magne Lisondr ,       Lena Danya

Those video had help me understand the concept in ways of paintings of the roses.  it could help you too if you were interesting in paintings of roses.

My Sketches

The images below are my some of my rough sketches.

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My Finale 3 sketch to which i showed to my client. and she was happy with the 1st choice.
As my client liked the first choice I redesign from the references images and twicked on photoshop.
As now I showed her this one for the finale time. she was a happy customer.  I will update soon with her permission to show hers as a tattoo for the finale image primary.

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