LifeWorks Hub Exhibition @ LifeWorks behind Loughton Methodist Church.

event poster © ECA & LMC/LW 2018

Some of my projects were exhibited at my partner church where it was an opportunity to have an art fair, as well as an exhibition.  Some were from Middlesex Uni projects  such as, ‘Landfill’ but smaller scale, (if you have not seen my other blog is when I made a massive mixed media scupper ‘land fill’ in to large scale. ) bird cage, puzzle stacking vol 2 and even some of my older projects from college and from home.

The outcome of the review< i have received good  feedback which it was good news, and I especially good review in person on the project that was the art of world war theme at the show.

World War II (Collage an mixed media) © ECA 2018

Finally by the end of the week, i was able to sold one of my project such as the bird cage, in which the buyer liked it very much and decided to use it as jewellery stand. (which it is fair to me)

The Exhibition that took place 4-28 September 2018 © ECA 2018

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