End of Year Message/Happy New Year!

End of year Message (Good bye 2018)

Last Year I Graduated at Middlesex University   and got my BA hons  also competed few commissions which was a sketch of a Rose  for my customer Tattoo , which I can put onto  Canvas, Mug, T-Shirt, Teddy Bear with t-shirt, Pen , Cushion, coaster or Christmas bubble please contact me  via email, phone or – social media –FacebookInstagramTwitter   for an order

I also did few  Tree toppers see my other blog for more info

rose for my friend’s Tattoo which can go onto different objects see above © ECA 2018


New Year Message and my plans for 2019 

Happy New Year from   I like to thank you for your continuing  support through out 2018.  and beyond 


Iamge credit: https://clackamasartsalliance.org/news/featured-news/thank-2016-donors-volunteers/

I plan to do more in my sketch book for Visual ideas and expermernting  with Recyclable materials and some Sonic and video art on youtube watch this space.

I have a few commissions in the pipeline

  • two tree toppers (contact me for order if you would like one  theses will be available from November but if you order now it will be on a first come first serve basics )
  • New York & London  split canvas wall art panels

I am also getting married in Aug 2019  so things will be quiet on the art front around then.

from September their will new project I can do which will be Artificial Wedding Flowers photos will follow around then (contact me for more details then)

my admin and I will be refreshing my current logo and website around the first part of this year  , so please watch this space. Hoping to have a refresh new look for 2019 and beyond.

Hope everyone has Healthy 2019 and thank you again.





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