Fantasy landscape commission.

I had sketch and painting of acrylic paints for someone my husband had worked with for her granddaughter, a fantasy landscape included dragons and unicorns, and a beautiful tall hills and castle.

I did a few sketch of few individuals characters such as the unicorn, half man half goat, half man half horse with bow and arrow, one eye monster etc a new kind of creature of a wolf, but of course with few of images references. Here are my few examples. (not all of them came into the canvas.


Not only I was giving an oppertunities to paints the landscape of fantasy, I was requested to have her granddaghter to been put into the paintings like she was part of that world. in which I did a few sketch from a photographs references.  here are some images.


For the finale sketch I decided what it would have looked good in the canvas. she liked to do climbing to I had her rested on the rocks on the mountins to view the scene.


This image was only first draft in which I had made few changes in which you will see for my next blog.

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