Fantasy landscape commission.

I had sketch and painting of acrylic paints for someone my husband had worked with for her granddaughter, a fantasy landscape included dragons and unicorns, and a beautiful tall hills and castle.

I did a few sketch of few individuals characters such as the unicorn, half man half goat, half man half horse with bow and arrow, one eye monster etc a new kind of creature of a wolf, but of course with few of images references. Here are my few examples. (not all of them came into the canvas.


Not only I was giving an oppertunities to paints the landscape of fantasy, I was requested to have her granddaghter to been put into the paintings like she was part of that world. in which I did a few sketch from a photographs references.  here are some images.


For the finale sketch I decided what it would have looked good in the canvas. she liked to do climbing to I had her rested on the rocks on the mountins to view the scene.


This image was only first draft in which I had made few changes in which you will see for my next blog.

Start work of commission of cityscape

I did an quick sketch of few iconic city from London and Newyourk and try some example to find ways to merge it together.  I thought maybe two separate canvases joined together and than add the bridge together, or in which I decided to have it two in one canvas,  merger yet separate together.

here are few images of my quickness’s sketch book. I find it had bee a great deal of help to find the right composition in any which way possible to fit it in my sketch books.

down on this images is the final outlet line drawing of my final decision which now I will paint in oils medium and than by showing not only photos by each bit. Here on the last images is the  outline drawing by pencil, onto canvas before I start painting.


I will post next time how Ive achieving so far into paintings and see how I would go.

End of Year Message/Happy New Year!

End of year Message (Good bye 2018)

Last Year I Graduated at Middlesex University   and got my BA hons  also competed few commissions which was a sketch of a Rose  for my customer Tattoo , which I can put onto  Canvas, Mug, T-Shirt, Teddy Bear with t-shirt, Pen , Cushion, coaster or Christmas bubble please contact me  via email, phone or – social media –FacebookInstagramTwitter   for an order

I also did few  Tree toppers see my other blog for more info

rose for my friend’s Tattoo which can go onto different objects see above © ECA 2018


New Year Message and my plans for 2019 

Happy New Year from   I like to thank you for your continuing  support through out 2018.  and beyond 


Iamge credit:

I plan to do more in my sketch book for Visual ideas and expermernting  with Recyclable materials and some Sonic and video art on youtube watch this space.

I have a few commissions in the pipeline

  • two tree toppers (contact me for order if you would like one  theses will be available from November but if you order now it will be on a first come first serve basics )
  • New York & London  split canvas wall art panels

I am also getting married in Aug 2019  so things will be quiet on the art front around then.

from September their will new project I can do which will be Artificial Wedding Flowers photos will follow around then (contact me for more details then)

my admin and I will be refreshing my current logo and website around the first part of this year  , so please watch this space. Hoping to have a refresh new look for 2019 and beyond.

Hope everyone has Healthy 2019 and thank you again.





Christmas Tree Toppers

For Christmas 2018 ,I decided to make my household Christmas tree topper see below

my household Christmas tree topper  December 2018) Made with white paper and straws  © (2018)


I posted this onto my Artist social media FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitterGoogle+1-brand-guidelines-01Website   and then  I ended up with two other commissions see  below , I also been asked to make them next year for couple of people theses will be available from November 2019 again please follow me via the above links or email me.

star sliver
Our Friends Star : The star is made out of sliver paper and for the holder, I used cardboard tubes and I used Dowel wood as an Armature to hold paper shell together. (December 2018 in loughton) © (2018)
star gold
My next commission and last for 2018 was to make another star topper for my partners colleague tree.
The star is made out of gold paper and for the holder, I used cardboard tubes and I used Dowel wood as an Armature to hold paper shell together (December 2018 in loughton)
Theses will be available again next year © (2018)

Fantasy landscape commission 2

From the last post, I’ve already blog about the pass sketches of the experimented chapters animals, and mountains waterfall etc. Well for the next blog I’ll be showing you the last draft of sketch as I was happy than the last one before I painted with acrylic paints onto the canvas. here are the photos.


This is what it looked like when it was sketch out for the final work towards the paintings from this sketch to acrylic on canvas. In all my experenics as an artists. this project had been my big interests I could ever made. I really liked it how it had turn out when I finished the proceed of work.

Here is the finale work of the finished canvas.


The medium I’ve used were, I tried the poster paints because for kids I thought maybe I could go for brighter bold colours, but I did found it hard to keep the details in shape so I mixed it up with acrylic paints. once I send it to my paying customers she was very happy with it and her granddaughter loved it.

LifeWorks Hub Exhibition @ LifeWorks behind Loughton Methodist Church.

event poster © ECA & LMC/LW 2018

Some of my projects were exhibited at my partner church where it was an opportunity to have an art fair, as well as an exhibition.  Some were from Middlesex Uni projects  such as, ‘Landfill’ but smaller scale, (if you have not seen my other blog is when I made a massive mixed media scupper ‘land fill’ in to large scale. ) bird cage, puzzle stacking vol 2 and even some of my older projects from college and from home.

The outcome of the review< i have received good  feedback which it was good news, and I especially good review in person on the project that was the art of world war theme at the show.

World War II (Collage an mixed media) © ECA 2018

Finally by the end of the week, i was able to sold one of my project such as the bird cage, in which the buyer liked it very much and decided to use it as jewellery stand. (which it is fair to me)

The Exhibition that took place 4-28 September 2018 © ECA 2018

Commission project: Rose design for Tattoo.

 I not long have I finished a designs a rose (through invoice) of a tattoo for my client via commission.  I leant how to draw and paint by practice in my sketch book of roses, by looked into deep research such as primary images (for references) from the internet, some images of tattoos roses to look the sort of styles tattoo artists makes and finally I looked into youtube for toturoals how to do simple techniques with use of media. as a finished project I used the acrylic paints and finished details of by using photoshop.  


click here to see where I source this image from 

Some of the details I have changed for towards my sketch especially at the top corner of the rose pellet was already started to wilted.  however because of all the rose image i’ve chosen was because it seem the simple and it was the more practice i’v used in my sketch book. as well a leaning as I draw. 

Tattoos photos on slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I Source the images on the slide show from the following sites (click each name below to be taken to the sites ) 

Black and white Rose,  Traditional Rose ,Realism  Rose  & Abstract Rose 

I relise there are loads of styles of tattoo for a roses. although I find that the simple red rose that was the instruction i was giving. So I’ve gone to simple tradable styler.  but I still had a lot to learn technique and many sketch of how to approach appreciate for the final design. 

Youtubers artists 

click here to view video of my source

The Images above is one of the example that I learnt this one of techno, from youtube (in which i find easier to follow by videos.) of one brush stroke. . here are one of my sketch below it took me a lot of practice (top) but I eventually did it almost as perfect of one of the 3 finale (bottom) .





Theses are  few of the youtube’s artist inspiration. 

Marvy Uchida,                 Art of John Magne Lisondr ,       Lena Danya

Those video had help me understand the concept in ways of paintings of the roses.  it could help you too if you were interesting in paintings of roses.

My Sketches

The images below are my some of my rough sketches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My Finale 3 sketch to which i showed to my client. and she was happy with the 1st choice.
As my client liked the first choice I redesign from the references images and twicked on photoshop.
As now I showed her this one for the finale time. she was a happy customer.  I will update soon with her permission to show hers as a tattoo for the finale image primary.

Out with the old and in with the new  my first Live! performance Free Range @ the Old Truman Brewery

Out with the old and in with the new  my first Live! performance Free Range @ the Old Truman Brewery

I just completed my first ever live! performance at the Truman Brewery , it felt quite strange at first ,as this was out of my comfort zone, but as the days progressed each day it became bit more easier as more people came to see the performance as they walked passed. I had positive feedback on my website as well as in person.

Event Poster 
Performance Times 


Left to Right-Truman Brewery,Sign of free Range ,Sign of Middlesex,Sign of Type of Art,My work on Plinth ,My Work far away view and my work close up and throw 
Left to right (ELMEO Contempoary artist next to her work and her work Destroyed 

Recording of the Live! Performance

I have given this trash repurpose into art as landfill from the ODS Exhibition, to Trash Art transform into new meaning by throwing away my Depression and starting a fresh new life ,my first Live! performance narrative by my Partner Jonathan Entwistle-Oakley © ECA 2018




ODS (Our Degree Show) @ Middlesex University (Landfill) -plaster combine with my rubbish

ODS (Our Degree Show) @ Middlesex University
(Landfill) -plaster combine with my rubbish

I just completed and exhibition for my degree,I am very proud of myself, it has been quite and experience learning how to be an curator (Setup) with my fellow peers durning my time  at Middlesex Univistary. 

Event Poster 
Left to Right-ODS public notice ,Catalog,My name next to my work ,my work  (
(Landfill) -plaster combine with my rubbish) 
,my portfolio and ELMEO Contemporary Artist BA next to her work. 
Image above  is close up of my
ODS show
May 2018 @ Middlesex University
(Landfill) -plaster combine with my rubbish


Sate of Art @ The Nunnery Gallery

On 22nd of March 2018 was the private  viewing for Friends/Family and MDX Peers/Staff and other students from MDX.

From 23rd to 25th of March 2018  was the public viewing of an Exhibition called Sate of Art displaying  an selection  of mine and my peers studio practice projects at The Nunnery Gallery Bow Church.

events poster (created by peer Sab)
Our Events Day Poster © Sabrina R. Collares (one of my Peers) visit her work at


Image of the Nunnery Gallery

My Studio Practice is on Trash Art and my project called The Value of Trash Art was created by stuffing two picture frames one  stuffed with a black rubbish bag and one with a supermarket bag .

grid photo
This image shows the sign outside of the Gallery & The Floor Map  © John (My Tutor)  & the Artist project also an image  with the Artist standing besides the project © ECA